Database Optimization Solutions





for DB2

 for z/OS and LUW



Existing optimization products either focus on a single specific element or monitor running processes.  InnovizeIT for DB2's unique top-down approach integrates an automated and full analysis of all application components with data from your existing monitoring tools to pinpoint the root causes for lost MIPS & performance bottlenecks and provides a powerful set of prioritized and proven recommendations for change.


The InnovizeIT for DB2 advantage lies in its broader view and:


-          Comprehensively analyzes all application components including the Data Model, the actual Table Data, SQL statements & Access paths

-          Leverages your existing monitoring tools

-          Is non-intrusive on your DB2 environment, working with meta-data and without requiring any sensitive business data

-          Uses state-of-the-art, comprehensive, intelligent and sophisticated analytics

-          Provides prioritized and detailed remediation recommendations to empower your DBA

-          Allows for transparency and impact analysis through full drill downs and other facilities to effectively and securely implement changes

-          Detects and recommends optimizations to handle planned and unexpected environmental changes

-          Improves quality of  the application code by pinpointing redundancies, duplicates, orphans and enforces best coding practices

-          Assists early test planning and data preparation as well as performance impact analysis for planned DB2 changes


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